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Crossing Borders

TRANSUK serves more than 16 countries by road, and even more by sea and air.  Countries include Turkey, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal

Do you provide a high quality of service?

We treat all of our customers, from the very small occasional freight mover to the very large volume freight mover, exactly the same. Each one is valued at the same level and given the same degree of respectful service.

Do you offer satellite tracking?

On request, we offer you satellite tracking, which gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that your precious freight can be located at a moment’s glance.

Affordable Price, Experienced Forwarders

TRANSUK is a privately owned Global Logistics Company with over 20 years previous experience in the Logistics sector.

TRANSUK provides  logistical and freight forwarding services globally.  We offer our customers road, sea and air transportation services as well as warehouse solutions and customs clearance.  Here at  TRANSUK , we always endeavour to deliver safely and on time, every time!  We consistently provide logistical services tailored to our customers increasingly sophisticated individual needs.  Our decades of experience in the logistical sector means we can overcome even the toughest requirements of our customers.

Speed is at the heart of what we do, yet effectiveness and quality is equally as important as efficiency.  That’s why each one of our services are tailored to our customer’s specific requirements to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  Our decades of experience in the logistical sector, and our understanding of the growing sophistication of our customer’s logistical needs, allows TRANSUK to always accommodate even the toughest requirements.

At TRANSUK, we are committed to providing our customers with a quality of service we feel is unmatched within this industry.  We offer a full range of Logistical Services  

Road freight is the main element of our business.  Our modern fleet of vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking facilities, meaning we can pin point your delivery around the clock.  We cover the length and breadth of Europe & Middle East to deliver what you want, whenever you want!  We also offer international freight forwarding services.

Our UK hubs are based in London, Essex, Bradford and Leicester. We also have hubs in  Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and Bulgaria.

We can deliver your goods by Road, Sea
and Air… TRANSUK will always get it there